Sitestar.net Dial-Up

Dial-up network provides you with convenient and affordable Internet access. Our great service is supported by the best Technical Support and Customer Service departments around.


To use dial-up service, you must have a working computer with a 56k modem installed.  You must also have an active phone line.  Dial-up service uses the telephone network to connect your computer to our network.  Our network in-turn connects you to the Internet allowing you to surf the web, check email, use instant messengers, shop online, and much, much more.

Rate Plans

Dial-up Access Unmetered, 1 email $17.95/month
Dial-up Access Unmetered, 3 emails $19.95/month
Dial-up Access Unmetered, 1 email, Annual $180/year
Dial-up Access Unmetered, 3 emails, Annual $204/year