Frequently Asked Questions



How can I access my mailbox?

You may use our WebMail Interface or configure any mail client (ie Mail, Outlook, ThunderBird, etc) with the following information:

Incoming Mail Server mail.sitestar.net
Outgoing Mail Server mail.sitestar.net
Username <your-email-address>
Ports to specify by protocol
Protocol Regular With SSL/TLS
IMAP 143 993
POP3 110 995
SMTP 587 465

Can I get a bigger mailbox?

Yes, Sitestar offers standalone pricing for mailboxes available in 250 MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20 GB.

I forgot/lost my email password, how can I reset it?

Option 1: If you have previously logged into Webmail and configured your seucurity question and answer, you can use this to reset your email password from the webmail logon page using the 'Forgot password' link.

Option 2: You can log into the customer portal at https://customers.sitestar.net, and click on the 'Edit Email' button beside your email on the main page.

Option 3: You can give our support a call at 888-271-9672, and a support agent will work with you to verify your account information and then be able to assist you with a password reset.

I'm unable to send email, what should I do?

This can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common ones are the following:

If you get an error message 550  Relaying denied, you need to enable SMTP authentication.

If the error message is 'This message has been blocked because it contains SPAM-like characteristics', that means that your specific message has been flagged by the server's outgoing anti-spam filters.

If you continue to have issues in sending emails, please contact support to have your specific case reviewed. Our contact information is the following:

4026 WARDS ROAD UNIT G-1 #271
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Telephone: +1 888 271-9672
E-mail: sales@sitestar.net

Dial-up Service:


What is Dial-Up service?

Dial-Up is common services to connect to the internet over a regular telephone line with a computer and a modem.

Does this require a landline?

Yes, it is necessary to have a landline for this service.

Where can I find a list of local numbers?

You can find the local numbers in the following link 


DSL Service:


What is DSL service?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line.  DSL is a high-speed method of connecting over the internet using a telephone line.

DSL requires a special setup on your phone line and a special modem. Unlike dial up, DSL is also restricted to the building or unit where the service was installed, but it also offers much higher connection speeds.

Does this require a landline?

Yes, it is necessary to have a landline for this service.

How do I setup DSL?

To use DSL service, you must have a working computer with network adapter or an available USB port installed.  You must also have an active phone line.  DSL service uses the telephone line to connect your computer to our network through your telephone company's DSL circuits.  Our network in turn connects you to the Internet allowing you to surf the web, check email, use instant messages, and much more at broadband speeds.

What type of DSL modem is required?

For all service not marked 'CVD', any DSL modem that supports the ADSLv2 or g.DMT will work.


Fiber Service:


What is fiber internet?

Fiber refers to high speed internet access delivered via optical fiber cable.

Where can I get Sitestar fiber service?

You can find Sitestar’s fiber services in the following link 


Web Hosting:


How can I design a page?

Domain hosted customers have the option to either use an application based content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal or to develop a web site in HTML and upload it to the servers.

How do I upload a page to the server?

The recommended method for HTML based web sites is to upload via FTP.   Many web design packages include the ability to upload via FTP directly within the software, otherwise you can use a dedicated FTP client.


Personal Web Pages:


What are Personal Web Pages?

Personal web pages refers to space set aside for personal, non-business oriented web pages.

What is the cost or a Personal Web Page?

One personal web page is included with each internet access account.

Alternatively, customers without internet access can pay $5.00 per month as a stand alone option.

How can I get one?

Simply contact our support team or utilize our Account Maintenance to open a ticket.

Our contact information is the following:

4026 Wards Rd., Suite G1 #271
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Telephone: +1 888 271-9672
E-mail: sales@sitestar.net

How do I view it?

Personal web pages are based on the domain name associated with your account, for example, a customer with the username of username@sitestar.net would view their page at:


Customers with their accounts associated with other domains would likewise access their page via:


How do I update it?

All updates to personal web pages are done via FTP.

Configure your FTP client as follows:

Hostname:    userwebs.<domain.name>
Username:    <username>@<domain.name>
Password:    <userpassword>

So in the example of someuser@sitestar.net, this becomes:

Hostname:    userwebs.sitestar.net
Password:    <userpassword>

What are the limits of a personal web page?

Personal web pages are allocated 10 MB of disk space.
No Server Side Scripting (CGI, Perl, Python, ASP, etc)
No acces to server logs or generated webstats.

If you wish for hosting without these limitations, then please consider one of our domain based hosting plans.




What is the Manual Processing Fee? (and how can I avoid it?)

The manual processing fee is a charge to help us offset the labor costs with processing invoices as well as payments by cash, check or money order.

There are two ways to exempt your account from this fee:

1) Switch your account to auto-pay so that we can charge your bank account or credit card directly. Not only will you eliminate the manual processing fee, but you will also eliminate the possibility of late fees as well.

2) Alternatively, accounts that are billed three months or more at a time are also exempt from this fee.

How can I update my account and or payment information?

You can use Account Maintenance to make the change yourself.

Or you may contact customer service at:

4026 Wards Rd., Suite G1 #271
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Telephone: +1 888 271-9672
E-mail: sales@sitestar.net